Belinda MacDougall is the co-founder and CEO of one of Australia’s fastest-growing health food companies, The Healthy Happy Co, which includes brands The Lady Shake, The Man Shake and The Kids Shake.

In five short years, Belinda and her husband, former NRL star, Adam MacDougall have grown their business from a humble garage start-up to a multi-million dollar company that has helped thousands of Australians drop the kilos and live healthier, happier lives. The Healthy Happy Co suite of products are available in key retail outlets such as Coles and Blooms The Chemist, and also internationally with fulfillments being sent across to Asia and the Middle East.

Behind the incredible success is plenty of hard work, sacrifice and false starts and, like anyone going out on their own and starting a small business, it hasn’t been easy. In an industry dominated by global brands and health food companies, it’s testament to Belinda’s sheer determination to have achieved so much in such a short period of time.

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from Newcastle University as well as extensive qualifications and experience in the health and fitness industry, including health and wellness coaching, personal training and nutrition. She is also no stranger to the business world, having run several successful businesses in the health and fitness pace before going out on her own and starting The Healthy Happy Co.

Belinda’s unique life experience has helped shape her uncompromising and direct approach to health and fitness. Her continued passion for helping people to lead healthier lives remains at the core of everything she does.

When Belinda isn’t running her business, she is a busy mother to two young daughters Harlow and Mila.



  • Make companies put the amount of sugar clearly and correctly on the front of all packaging.
  • Tighten the definition around these healthy words and claims for food packaging.
  • Make health food aisle healthy by only allowing foods that meet certain nutrition guidelines allowed.
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